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Email Marketing

Each and every passing day, business is turning to be more competitive. To be ahead of competitors, it is indispensable for big and not-so-big companies to access a huge number of prospective customers in a short time. Thankfully, technology has shown better communication ways which would be very convenient for business owners to access unprecedented number of customers in a matter of minutes for promoting their services and products. One of the significant ways that modern days provided is email marketing which is finding favor with entrepreneurs. They exploit it as the best tool for efficient marketing.

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing essentials
  • The future of email marketing
  • How email may change in the future
  • How to use email marketing software and save time
  • How to build a effective email campaigns in low cost
  • How to attract you targeted customers effectively
  • Choosing between Email Service Providers (ESPs)
  • Planning and delivering email campaigns
  • Emailing for customer acquisition and retention
  • Creating effective email campaigns
  • Planning for Viral and Social Media Marketing
  • Choosing colours and fonts
  • Writing for email
  • Using links intelligently
  • HTML vs. text emails
  • Improving inbox deliverability
  • Avoid looking like a spammer